Craftsman & Kutiman Make Music
A Craftsman Music Experiment.
Craftsman & Kutiman Music Experiment
Craftsman Tools  /  Web Film
Inspired by the sounds of tools coupled with an effort to reach a younger audience, Y&R teamed up with musician, composer and mixed-media artist Kutiman, whose ThruYOU digital music video project was named one of Time Magazine’s 50 best inventions of 2009 to collaborate on an online experience. The result is the Craftsman Music Experiment, a piece that proves you can build an inspired digital composition using only Craftsman tools. Additionally, a Craftsman music player was created to live on where online users can make their own digital Craftsman tool creations and share with friends. 
AICP Shortlist
The Clios: Bronze
The London International Awards: Finalist
The One Show Interactive: Merit
The Webby Awards: Honoree
Travis Barker and Tommy Lee tweet Craftsman & Kutiman
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